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Chicago Red

Written By:R M Meluch - 1990

  • Chicago Red - R M Meluch cover


When future America is a dark continent ruled by tyrant kings, who will lead the people in a rebel's crusade for freedom?

In the beforetime—

America had been free, a democracy. But now Edward III was king, and America was a land with a small, wealthy elite and a vast body of peasants eking out their meager living in the countryside or preying upon one another in dangerous city slums. Edward's soldiers and especially his executioner, Brigadier General Tow, would see that this was exactly how life in Amercia remained.

Only one man ever had the courage to speak out against the tyrant's rule—a man driven by the dream of restoring democracy to the land, only to become the martyr ignominiously hanged on Boot Hill. But from this death a new leader was born, a visionary young man not quite of this world, Chicago Red. His words would take action and be the spark to set the land ablaze with a new kind of revolution...


"We are living free
Though there's blood been shed
And we'll always be
Be Chicago Red..."

"What's that mean?"

"It's talking about the rebellion," said the man who was now Chris-John but would soon be known as Chicago Red.

"What rebellion?"

"The one that must be, against the Crown. It means we were meant to be free. It means tyranny is only a temporary unnatural state that cannot last, because it is unnatural." He swallowed, blinked his eyes. He was trembling. "It means even after they executed all those people in the Chicago purge—even if Chicago is a river of blood—people would stand up and declare freedom. It means—oh, my God—" And because he was still Chris-John and not yet Chicago Red, the future which he could suddenly see made him begin to scream and then he could not stop...


"Wonderful... fascinating... a great adventure." —Jayne Ann Krentz

"Strong... full of pulse and purpose... R.M. Meluch writes about tyranny and ignorance in a nightmare America with a fiery pen." —Janet Morris