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Children of the Plague

Written By:Kat Hankinson - 2000

  • Children of the Plague - Kat Hankinson cover


This follow up to Hugo Gernsback's serial novel Ralph124 C41+ puts a contemporary spin on one of science-fiction's best known classics.

Children of the Plague takes readers on an exciting journey through the New York City of the future; an unsavory, plague-ravaged underworld where a decimated human race struggles for its very survival.

It is the year 2700, and Earth's utopia has been cast into a dark age by a manmade plague.

Our only hope for survival is Ralph124 C41+, an aging scientist, and his adopted daughter Celeste, a young researcher with a terrifying secret locked in her genetic code.

When she reaches her 21st birthday, she defies her father's dire warnings, and disobeys a government order forbidding her to return to Earth.

She escapes the safety of Arktika, a bustling city in the sky, far from the crime and disease of Earth, with Yali, a handsome young rebel who is determined to liberate mankind from the clutches of despair.

Once her self-imposed exile begins, though, she is tormented by a mysterious force from within compelling her to give into her true nature. When she discovers the secret of her birth, Celeste is forced to choose between her own survival or the extinction of the human race.