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Chronicles of Scar

The Lanterns of God

Written By:Ron Sarti - 1998

  • The Lanterns of God  - Ron Sarti cover


In his third masterful epic adventure, the bastard prince Arn -- who was once the street beggar Scar -- is called upon once again to sacrifice for his brother's kingdom...and for the future. All memory of a great society known as "America" has vanished in the passing centuries since the Cataclysm -- and now treachery threatens to undermine the ancient Codes that would prevent a reoccurrence of the civilization-devouring disaster. In a newly dawned age of fragile armistice, Arn must lead a small band of might and magic across a vast, nightmarish landscape of bloodthirsty warriors and mutant beasts. For unknown and subtle terrors await them in the western nation of Pacifica -- where they must build a lasting peace or serve as the instrument of dread annihilation.




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