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The City at World's End

Written By:Edmond Hamilton - 1951

  • The City at World's End  - Edmond Hamilton cover

    Fawcett - January 1974

  • The City at World's End  - Edmond Hamilton cover

    Crest - 2nd Printing, December 1961


Fawcett - January 1974

In one split second they were hurled across time into a world a million miles away

One moment Kenniston was strolling down the quiet street, lost in pleasant reverie. The next moment the sky split open!

It split open, and above him was a burn and a blaze of light—so swift, so violent, that the air itself seemed to burst into flame.

Then there was silence—awful, suffocating silence.

Kenniston felt the chill of premonition—a shapeless terror that grew into a thing too evil to be borne alone.

This novel describes the shocking experience of a group of ordinary people, catapulted by a mysterious explosion into the terrifyingly strange world of a million years hence. It is not a prophecy—but a warning.

The story you are about to read is not true—NOT YET!

Yet the fact remains that man today is playing a dangerous game with forces beyond his control.

In an atomic war the stake is not cities, or even civilization—but humanity itself!

Scientists caution us to remember that of the host of apelike beings which evolved during the earliest prehistoric periods only four survived. Of the manape creatures that developed later only a handful were around when the Ice Age commenced. And of the few that started on that final lap, just one survived. "Can it be," asked the eminent biologist N.J. Berrill, "that we are living out the rhyme of the 'Ten Little Indians' with only one to go?"


Fawcett - January 1974

City at World's End by Edmond Hamilton, one of the top science fictioneers, is more than a story. It is a tantalizing and dramatic guess about our unguessable future.