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Collision Course

Written By:David Crawford - 2012

  • Collision Course - David Crawford cover


A novel of survival

Only the strong will survive. But what does it mean to be strong?

The "Smash" has been building for years—runaway national debt, escalating oil prices—but when order finally breaks down, it happens astonishingly fast. Economic collapse. Government in chaos. Gas shortages. Loss of power. No running water. Martial law. Rioting, looting, and lawlessness...

Security specialist DJ Frost saw the writing on the wall, and he has prepared. He's planned his bug-out route to escape a city many are now trapped in. With his ATV, night-vision googles, gear, guns, and enough gas to get him to his retreat home in the country, he ventures out alone under cover of darkness.

For Gabe Home, the "Smash" is nothing compared to his own moral and spiritual collapse after losing his wife and son. But in this time of crisis, he may not have the luxury of drinking himself to death. There are others at his door, and they will need to help one another to survive.

Each man, in his own way, will face the ultimate challenge of preparedness in this new world order—as both hurtle toward a devastating showdown...


"Buy this book and hand it out to your friends and neighbors." —Mark LaRue Tactical

"Crawford has done it again! If you liked Lights Out, you are going to love Collision Course. Crawford's evolution as an author is evident with exceptional character development and a compelling story line that will appeal to anyone who simply loves great apocalyptic fiction." —Jack Spirko, The Survival Podcast

"Collision Course is a cleverly written tale of survival that is informative and entertaining—with a couple of unexpected twists. It shatters many of the misconceptions that are common with modern students of preparedness and helps dispel the myth that firepower, high-tech gear, and a proper bug-out retreat are all you need to make it through tough times. Collision Course is a riveting story of mind-set, and I will highly recommend it to my readers." —Eric Melbardis,