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The Colony

Written By:Mary Vigliante - 1979

  • The Colony  - Mary Vigliante cover


The nuclear war was over in an afternoon. Both sides lost. Now a young woman alone faced the brutal society of the survivors.


In the little band that survived the Nuclear War, humanity had reverted to barbarism, and all the evils of the old society had grown worse.

Sunny, a lone woman survivor, had been seized by four men who informed her that they were all her husbands, and had quickly realized that she was in the hands of a colony of male chauvinist pigs. When the survivors had organized, the men had far outnumbered the women. They had created a family structure that supported male dominance without limit. By their decree women existed only to serve. Sunny was forced to conform to this murderous doctrine. She struggled—and was beaten into passivity; ran away—and was brought back; then she found a gun—and what she did then is a story in itself.


An angry woman with a gun!

They were within five feet of the porch when she banged open the door, shotgun in hand, poised like a lioness waiting to devour her prey. They all saw the weapon at the same time. The shock and disbelief in their faces was only minimized by the unmitigated fear reflected from their eyes. She had been right. They never expected this. They backed away from her and the shotgun. She was overcome by her poer and their powerlessness. Perhaps this was how they had felt when they abused her. Sunny basked in the feeling. For the first time in her life, she had brute strength, something these men had all their lives. To her it was sweet. The feeling surrounded her and lifted her spirits.

She stepped down off the porch and moved off to the side. She told them to sit on the steps and they obeyed.




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