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To Conquer Chaos

Written By:John Brunner - 1964

  • To Conquer Chaos - John Brunner cover


Beware the shadows of THINGS to come

On the face of the Earth only the Barrenland remained an impenetrable mystery—a blasted radioactive area the size of a small state where no man dared to venture. But Jervis Yanderman was one of the more courageous souls of that future day when men at last were starting to reconstruct the vanished civilization of the dim past.

Jervis knew that the secret of the Barrenland had to be solved. For things from out of this world still emerged from out of this world still emerged from it to terrorize neighboring lands and strange weird visions haunted those who even approached it.


The last dread secret of a world forgotten

The things were always different and always terrifying. Some were big and vicious, some were middle-sized and vicious, and a few were even small and vicious, and there were never two alike.

They didn't belong on this Earth, not as far as anybody could tell. They were strictly horrors hatched somewhere out in the unmapped, taboo regions of the frightening Barrenland, and they came roaring out of it one by one to rend and tear and kill. It had always been that way, ever since the rebirth of civilization after the world-wide conflagration.


But now they stood in the way of further progress, and the time had come to find out what they were and stop them if it could be done. The story of the effort to conquer chaos is an unforgettable novel of future times and forgotten worlds.