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The Copper Elephant

Written By:Adam Rapp - 1999

  • The Copper Elephant  - Adam Rapp cover


The Copper Elephant is the riveting story of 11-year-old Whensday, who lives in the Shelf, a toxic wasteland of nonstop poisonous rain ruled by the ruthless Aston Loe and his Syndicate men. Rescued from slave labor to be sold to a childless matron from Top Town, Whensday flees into the Bone Trees, where she meets other renegade "undertwelves" — Oakley Brownhouse and Honeycut. This unlikely trio bands together and learns about love, strength, loss, and survival.


I got luck cause I'm small

Tick Burrowman didn't know I was Whensday Bluehouse from the Holy Family Agency. All he knowed was that I'm little and that I'm a girl and that I got two different color eyes and red hair and that I would fit in the box without wiggling too much


The Copper Elephant is surreal, full of compelling action and memorable characters, all cast in Rapp's trademark style described by School Library Journal as "powerful, graphic, and haunting."