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Council of Light

Written By:Illya Illya - 2000

  • Council of Light - Illya Illya cover


The planet Earth is in ruins after a devastating impact with an alien spacecraft. The human race is at the brink of extinction, but there is one lone survivor, Mark Knots. As the aliens from the mysterious spacecraft make new lives for themselves, Mark is rescued and awakened by Tirza, the only daughter of the alien's chief healer Xylon. The intricate revival process is a resounding success, but not without a cost. Xylon becomes ill. Tirza, faced with the loss of her father, is forced to call upon her old lover, Oren, who reluctantly provides his help. Xylon is saved. However, in the confusion of caring for the ailing Xylon, the leaders of the aliens, known as the Council of Light, steal the revived Mark and frame the trio for being subversive. The three fugitives successfully flee to a hidden outpost and plan a retaliatory response, but yet again something goes amiss.