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Dark December

Written By:Alfred Coppel - 1960

  • Dark December - Alfred Coppel cover


The atomic war had ended—only a few had survived. I was one. The master of a million graves.

After World War III when it was too late...

Major Kenneth Gavin—one of the few anguished souls left to contemplate the end of biological existence, the silent spring, the dying of love, desire, and hope—was one who had pushed the button that ended everything. One who had nothing left but perception and remorse. One who had killed millions by remote control could kill no more—not even to save himself.


It would take God, the Almighty, to catalogue the devastation...

But it was over now—and no one could even guess how many had died in the two-year nuclear war. It was over, and Major Kenneth Gavid was on his way back to California... what had been California.

He would cross areas where every living thing had been vaporized, countryside where anthrax and radiation sickness were killing off the survivors, where gangs of homeless kids had reverted to savagery and would murder for a pair of shoes, where women had slipped to the last stages of degradation.

If all went well, there was a bare chance that Major Gavin might reach home...