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Dark Universe

Written By:Daniel F. Galouye - 1961

  • Dark Universe - Daniel F. Galouye cover


Man's foolish and evil acts placed him there but only his ignorance and superstition bound him to a Dark Universe. Across the barriers of the present world, into a land destroyed by nuclear weapons, one man defies the rule of his elders in search for the truth to his past. Jared faces severe penalties, but his desire for knowledge surpasses any punishment that he might receive.


"... I think we've found a Unification partner for you."

Jared sputtered a moment, then shed his respect with an oath. "Not for me you haven't!"

How could he tell them he had no time for Unification? That he had to be free to continue what he had started out to do long pregnancy periods ago? That he doubted their religious beliefs? That he wanted to spend his life proving Light was something physical, attainable in this existence—not something restricted to the afterlife?


A prophetic view of the human race