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Darkest of Nights The/Survival Margin

Written By:Charles Eric Maine - 1964

  • Darkest of Nights  The/Survival Margin - Charles Eric Maine cover


When half the world is dying, why should you survive?

Worst plague in human history

Government goes underground

Emergency measures to counter

Epidemic: don't travel. Don't mix.

Millions surrender to incinerators.

Full stop: Britain goes into deep freeze

Unit five to black leader: block access roads


The time is now!

A steel bayonet was pointing at his stomach. A young, cold-eyed soldier said, "Get your arms up."

"It's all right," Clive said. "I'm not one of them. I was their prisoner. I managed to escape."

"With a bloody red armband and a gun in your pocket," said the soldier. "Get moving." The bayonet waved toward the hotel. "And get your arms in the air."

Clive raised his arms reluctantly. "There are civilian prisoners in the cellars and women locked in the room upstairs," he began.

"Shut your trap and get moving," the soldier ordered.

"I'm not a rebel," Clive insisted, "I've already shot four of them. I put on the armband so they wouldn't know..." The bayonet dropped fractionally and lunged forward, biting like a hot iron through the thick muscle of his thigh. Hot blood trickled down his leg.

"Get moving," the soldier repeated, "or would you like it in the guts?"

Clive surrendered the argument. There was a cold blackness in his mind. This was no spontaneous adventure; he was inextricably trapped in the web of a revolution that was occurring in every major city in the world.