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Darkness and Dawn

The Afterglow

Written By:George Allan England - 1913

  • The Afterglow  - George Allan England cover


IN THIS complete inovel' George' Allan England brings to a conclusion his epic trilogy of the human race reborn after a world-destroying cataclysm. Beatrice and Stern, heroine and hero_of the two preceding novels, "Darkness and Dawn" and "Beyonb the GfSat Oblivion," are likewise the chief characters of "The Afterglow."

Allan Stern, a consulting engineer, and Beatrice Kendrick, his stenographer, "wake from a long sleep in his office in the tow^r of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Building, City of New York. They look about them and see the office interior fallen to decay, while below they behold a vast forest of great trees where .New York City once stood. '

It is evident that their sleep has lasted through centuries, and that during this unconscious lapse the city has been destroyed by some great catastrophe. They seem to be the only survivors of the Inhabitants of the Western continent. They clothe themselves primitively, and subsist on food which has w t h s t o od the ravages of centuries in glass jars.

After a time a troop of malformed savages appears. They storm the tower, a desperate battle ensues. Stern and Beatrice escape, finding a refuge in a ruined m a nsion on the Hudson. After a time they set sail for Boston in a boat which Stern has built. He hopes to find the telescope of the Cambridge Observatory, by which to verify his discovery of the earth's changed relations with its astral neighbors. They reach what was once the city of Providence, where they find rusty firearms, still serviceable, and an airplane, which Stern repairs.

In an expedition of exploration in the machine they are drawn into a terrible abyss, where the sun never shines, and are captured by a strange people and condemned to death. In a great battle Stern uses his firearms to repel his captors' enemies, thus gaining their friendship.

After many adventures they escape from the abyss in the airplane and regain the laud of the sun.




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