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Written By:Edgar Pangborn - 1964

  • Davy - Edgar Pangborn cover


The lusty, ribald, and womderful misadventures of Davy that irrepressible child of the future

Born in a brothel...

Raised in an orphanage...

Entranced by music...

And seduced by women...

The utterly candid chronicles of a youth from an age beyond the future... a young man whose unquenchable thirst for knowledge is matched only by his dauntless lust for life!

"So far as I'm concerned, sex can be rowdy or brimful of moonlight: so long as it's sex and nobody's getting hurt, I like it!"

That's Davy

He's the child of a time so far in the future it looks like the past...

He's a youth as enamored of daring adventure as he is with the most pleasant of respites...

He's a young man who tells it all as it was—and is—with the greatest pride... and not the slightest inhibition!


"A lovely book, a rollicking book, a cadenced, surprising, provocative, and musical book!" —Theodore Sturgeon

"A joyous, bawdy, aching masterpiece by one of the best and wisest story tellers of our times!" —Peter S. Beagle Author of The Last Unicorn

Spicy... racy... and robust