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Dawn's Uncertain Light

Written By:Neal Barrett Jr. - 1989

  • Dawn's Uncertain Light - Neal Barrett Jr. cover


In an America devastated by the ultimate war, he sought to rescue his sister from an inhuman doom

Silver Island was a place out of legend, the chosen citadel where the government began building a new and better America from the ashes of a war-ravaged land. And lucky indeed were the specially Chosen children sent to Silver Island to help build a new world.

That was what Howie Ryder had been told when his little sister, Carolee, became one of the Chosen. But that was six years ago, before the soldiers came and slaughtered his parents, leaving Howie to make it on his own in a land where people shot first and asked no questions of the dead. Now Howie knows the horrifying truth about Silver Island and he'll do anything to rescue his sister from its terrifying doom—if she is still alive. Although Silver Island is devastated when he finally reaches it, his search for Carolee and for revenge will go on... even if it leads him to a discovery more terrible and dangerous than the secret of Silver Island!


"Move, and I'll blow your brains all over the street!"

"Mister, I got a few coppers, that's all," Howie said carefully. "You're sure welcome to 'em. I ain't looking for any trouble."

"And I'm not looking for any coppers, Howie Ryder. What I'm looking for is you."

Howie's heart nearly stopped. He cursed himself for a fool. He'd never caught the trooper looking at him at all; the man had never once given himself away.

"Guess you got the wrong man," Howie said, forcing an easy grin. "Name's Cory, and I—"

The barrel of the weapon was a blur. Howie tried to jerk away and the iron struck him hard across the brow. He went to his knees and doubled over with the pain.

"Sit up," the trooper said harshly. "I ain't going to kill you lyin' down..."