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The Day the World Died

Written By:John E. Muller - 1962

  • The Day the World Died  - John E. Muller cover


the world was dead but strange things moved on its scorched surface.

carl kovak was an expendable political prisoner as far as the eastern totalitarian government was concerned. he was being sent into orbit in a lead lined capsule to see if it offered adequate protection from cosmic rays. carl was strapped in and waiting for blast-off when the first bombs fell. the lead saved his body but doubt was splitting his mind. he had been arrested for daring to say that he believed in the honesty and integrity of the west. but what if the west had started the war?" "finally, after incredible hardships and dangers, carl kovak found the answer. neither east nor west had launched the atomic missiles... they had come from space! now alien invaders and savage mutants stalked the earth. could a handful of human heroes survive against such terrible odds?