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Star Man's Son/Daybreak-2250 A.D.

Written By:Andre Norton - 1952

  • Star Man's Son/Daybreak-2250 A.D. - Andre Norton cover

    Ace - 3rd Printing

  • Star Man's Son/Daybreak-2250 A.D. - Andre Norton cover


  • Star Man's Son/Daybreak-2250 A.D. - Andre Norton cover

    Fawcett - 1st Printing



Fors was a mutant. He did not know what drove him to explore the empty lands to the north, where the great skeleton ruins of the old civilization rusted away in the wreckage of mankind's hopes. But he could not resist the urging that led him through danger and adventure, to the place where he faced the menace of the Star Men.

Fawcett - 1st Printing

The holocaust had ravaged the world 200 years before. Survivors were scattered across the frightening wastelands. Some struggled merely for life... others, like Fors the Star Man's son, dared the terrifying unknown to recapture the knowledge... the knowledge that could once again destroy them...


Ace - 3rd Printing

"ALL NEW ALL ORIGINAL, AND ALL EXCELLENT." -Astounding Science Fiction

"Extraordinary!" -Washington Post

"A fine odyssey of future adventure, admirably detailed in its scientific and cultural backgrounds." -New York Herald Tribune

"For some first rate entertainment for yourself, you should not miss it!" -Magazine of Fantasy and Sciene-Fiction

Says the Denver Post:

"This is that rarity, a good adventure story which is a thoughtful book as well... This peculiarly fascinating novel concerns itself with what the world and its people might be like after its near-destruction in war. Reading it is like the murderer's return to the scene of his crime...

"It is 200 years after the destruction when Fors sets off to explore the empty lands to the north. He is a member of a clan which concerns itself with recapturing the knowledge and skills of their ancestors. By adding to that knowledge, Fors hopes to win a place as one of the leaders of his clan.

"The imaginative descriptions of deserted cities, ruined highways, subhuman Beast Things all serve as a backdrop to Fors' dangerous adenture..."

This exceptional science-fiction novel, never serialized in any magazine, has won universal praise from reviewers.

"Grim and thought-provoking... this is a robust story with a serious theme." -New York Times

"This is exciting fare." -Chicago Tribune

"Nicely paced, imaginative, and exciting... " - San Francisco Chronicle

"It is a strange picture that Andre Norton paints... an unusual story." -Ottawa Citizen

"Original and powerful." -Hartford Courant

Fawcett - 1st Printing

The blazing science fiction triumph about man's strange new beginning...

One of the most acclaimed science-fiction novels in years!