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Daybreak Zero

Written By:John Barnes - 2011

  • Daybreak Zero - John Barnes cover


A novel of Daybreak

In Directive 51, John Barnes created "the thinking person's techno-thriller"* about the modern world brought to a standstill by radical groups who engineered the destruction of a century of technology...

A year has passed since the catastrophic even known as "Daybreak" began.

9 months since Daybreak killed seven billion people.

8 months since Daybreak vaporized Washington DC.

6 months since rival governments emerged in Athens, Georgia, and Olympia, Washington.

4 months since the two governments of what was formerly the United States were on the brink of war.

3 months since war was (barely) avoided.

2 months since Athens and Olympia agreed to work together.

1 month since the survivors discovered that Daybreak isn't over...

*S. M. Stirling


"Barnes has written the thinking person's techo-thriller." —S.M. Stirling




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