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Daystar and Shadow

Written By:James B Johnson - 1981

  • Daystar and Shadow - James B Johnson cover


Their friends—the enemy!
Their enemies—all mankind!

Daystar was a wanderer in the desertland that had once been America. The terrors of that arid new world were the monster fireworms whose tentacles were death, but they held no horror for him, for he could call upon them for protection.

Daystar was a fugitive from the bands of civilized men who regarded him as a traitor. Nevertheless Daystar saw himself as their savior, though the evidence was all against him.

Shadow was a girl, another wanderer in the wastelands. When the two finally met and joined minds, the world would be transformed—and the final struggle for Earth's dominion would be launched.


The fireworms were gathering for the attack. This could mean only one thing. One or more "cursed" people were among those in the camp below.

Act now or hang up the hero medal, I thought. I wormed my way over the ridge, upsetting the nestled fireworm. He stopped purring. In the starlight, I saw that my move may have precipitated the attack. Dark blotches detached themselves from the surrounding rocks, sand, and scrub. Debating whether of not to shout a warning to those below so that Shadow would have a chance, I thought furiously as I wove my way between rocks and down draws.

The last thing I wanted to do was to alienate the fireworms...