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Dead World

Dead City

Written By:Joe McKinney - 2006

  • Dead City - Joe McKinney cover


Texas? Toast

Battered by five cataclysmic hurricanes in three weeks, the Texas Gulf Coast and half of the Lone Star State is reeling from the worst devastation in history. Thousands are dead or dying—but the worst is only beginning. Amid the wreckage, something unimaginable is happening: a deadly virus has broken out, returning the dead to life—with an insatiable hunger for human flesh...

The Nightmare Begins

Within hours, the plague has spread all over Texas. San Antonio police officer Eddie Hudson finds his city overrun by a voracious army of the living dead. Along with a small group of survivors, Eddie must fight off the savage horde in a race to save his family...

Hell on Earth

There's no place to run. No place to hide. The zombie horde is growing as the virus runs rampant. Eddie knows he has to find a way to destroy these walking horrors... but he doesn't know the price he will have to pay...


These aren't your mother's zombies...

"Dead City is much more than just another zombie novel. It's got heart and humanity—a merciless, fast-paced and genuinely scary read that will leave you absolutely breathles. Highly recommended!" —Brian Keene

"Welcome to Joe McKinney's Dead City universe, arelentless thrill ride where real characters do bloody things on nightmare streets. Break out the popcorn, you're in for a real treat." —Harry Shannon, author of Dead and Gone

"Dead City is a well-written and compelling first novel. A scary, fast-paced ride, full of hair-raising twists and turns that keep the reader spellbound. Do yourself a favor and snag a copy... thank me later." —Gene O'Neill, author of Taste of Tenderloin and Deathflash

"A rising star on the horror scene." —

"The pace never lets up as McKinney takes us through the zombie apocalypse in real time—every second of terror is explored in depth as the world goes to hell." —David Wellington, author of Monster Island

"Dead City is an absolute must-read for zombie lovers, but McKinney's excellent storytelling makes it a great read for anyone who loves the thrill of a gruesomely delicious page-turner." —Fran Friel, Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of Mama's Boy and Other Dark Tales

"Dead City is a zombie tour de force—the story moves along at breakneck speed and never lets up. Joe McKinney knows how to toy with reader's emotions, masterfully capturing the essence of humanity in the face of unspeakable horror." —Amy Grech, author of Apple of My Eye and Blanket of White

"Joe McKinney's Dead City is a tense, thrill-a-page nightmare, written with great passion and authority. Surely one of the best zombie novels ever set down in blood." —Lisa Morton, two-time Bram Stoker Award winner

"Dead City wastes no time jumping straight into mile-a-minute thrills and gruesome action. This seminal zombie novel culminates in a heart-wrenching finale, and I found that as the undead hordes multiplied, so too did my respect and admiration for author Joe McKinney." —Joel A. Sutherland, Bram Stoker Award-nominated author of Frozen Blood

"Dead City is an action-packed, pedal-to-the-metal zombie novel that never loses sight of its humanity. McKinney uses his background as a homicide detective to bring a level of realism to a vision of the apocalypse that is both urgent and frightening. A timely nightmare that you will not put down. I can't wait to see where this series leads." —Gregory Lamberson, author of Personal Demons and Johnny Gruesome

"McKinney writes zombies like he's been gunning them down all of his life." —Weston Ochse, author of Empire of Salt

"Dead City is a full-throttle page-burner that torques up the terror and does not let up. You'll want the shotgun seat for this wild ride. Bring a crash helmet." —J. L. Comeau,




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