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Atlantis Reprise

Written By:James Axler - 2005

  • Atlantis Reprise - James Axler cover


Survive or perish in the dark heart of tomorrow


For Ryan Cawdor, leader of a small group of post-apocalypse survivalists, it's the inner fire of survival that guides them through this hell on earth... to whatever lies beyond the daily fight for existence. There are times when the oblivion of death seems a most welcome journey out of Deathlands. But for Ryan, death is something his warrior's soul will never take on without a fight.


In the forested coastal region of the eastern seaboard, near the Pine Barrens of what was New Jersey, Ryan and his companions encounter a group of rebels. Having broken away from the strange, isolated community known as Atlantis, and led by the obscene and paranoid Odyssey, this small group desires to live in peace. But in a chill-or-be-chilled world, freedom can only be won by spilled blood. Ryan and company are willing to come to the aid of these freedom fighters, ready to wage a war against the twisted tyranny that permeates Deathlands.

In the Deathlands, even the fittest may not survive.


"You know what you're saying, don't you?"

Lemur nodded. "I am well aware."

"If this was a definite plan to sneak in, snatch Doc and Krysty and take them back to Atlantis," Ryan stated, "then he knew they were here, he knew what made them of interest and he knew how to get past your sec patrol and into the ville. He knew exactly where we were. There's only one way he could have known all that."

"Spies," Mark said. "Wretches who claim to want freedom but are nothing more than dogs."

"Who are they?" Ryan asked. "Mark, you trained as a Crawler and you knew nothing of spies?"

Mark returned Ryan's stare, unblinking. Finally Ryan nodded. "I believe you. You've put too much in here to be a traitor. But someone is, and if they know about us, then they know about everything you do. If we're gonna get my people back, and get rid of Odyssey, then we're gonna have to move fast—before the information has a chance to find its way back to Atlantis."

He pulled himself to his feet. "Are you ready?"

Lemur shook his head. "No... but we have no choice."




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