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Bitter Fruit

Written By:James Axler - 1997

  • Bitter Fruit - James Axler cover


A new warrior breed blazes a trail to an uncertain future


In the nuclear-storm devastated Deathlands a warrior survivalist of the twenty-second century leads the relentless fight to reclaim a lost world.


Barely escaping from a marauding gang, Ryan Cawdor and his band of post-holocaust survivors emerge from a gateway into an idyllic community ruled by Druidic law. But this new Eden may be a mirage, concealing a deadly threat. For the seed of dissent has been sown in the past, and is again ready to destroy.

Nature rules in the Deathlands, but man still destroys.


A white-hot burning

Computer-amplified screams from the entity filled the chamber. It stopped all forward movement, seeming to wilt. Tendrils shot out of its chest, dipping down to start sucking up the water around it. The flare hissed.

"Who's in the tunnel?" Ryan called to J.B.

"Those White Sands soldiers. They won't back down. We've got to make a move, and soon."

Across the room, the plant-thing showed signs of regaining its strength. Ryan watched it, the fear in his stomach cold and hard. A glance at Krysty revealed her face to be drenched with perspiration.

"It wants me to help it," the woman cried. "Wants me to kill you." The pistol trembled in her hands. "Gaia, help me, Ryan, but I don't think I can hold it off much longer." A fine trickle of blood ran down her upper lip from her nose.

Without warning, Krysty swung the blaster toward him.

"I'm sorrry, lover."




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