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Black Harvest

Written By:James Axler - 2005

  • Black Harvest - James Axler cover


Welcome to a world that welcomes no one...


Shockwaves of atomic destruction turned 22nd-century America into a hellzone, but in the ruins the human spirit remains unconquerable. Daily survival depends on raw courage and a deadly aim, and with his warrior band Ryan Cawdor roams the forbidding new frontier known as Deathlands, determined to unlock its secrets...


Emerging from a gateway in the midwest, Ryan senses trouble within the well-fortified ville of a local baron, whose understanding of pre-Dark medicine may be their one chance to save a wounded Jak. But while his whitecoats can make the drugs that heal, the baron knows the real power and money is in the hardcore Deathlands jolt. And where drugs and riches go, death shadows every step, no matter which side of a firefight you stand on...

In the Deathlands, tomorrow is never just another day.


"Plenty of outlanders have scars like that."

"Yeah but this one is unique. Sec chief Robards thinks this Ryan may be the same outlander who chilled Baron DeMann's brother a few years ago in a guady house in Spearpoint."

Baron Schini suddenly appeared more interested in DeMann's outlanders. If their leader was the one who chilled the baron's brother, then he was also the one who chilled her son in the very same gaudy house firefight.

"And if this is the outlander who killed the baron's brother, what does that candy-ass Robards plan to do about it?"

"Why, chill the scum and his friends on behalf of Baron DeMann, of course."

The woman shook her head.

"You disapprove?"

"Not at all," the baron said. "It's just that if this one-eyed outlander is the same one who killed the baron's brother, then he's also the one who chilled my son, Luca. And if that's the case, I damn well intend to be there to watch the bastard die."




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