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Written By:James Axler - 2003

  • Bloodfire - James Axler cover


Between a lost past and uncertain future stands a savage new frontier


Life in twenty-second-century America is an odyssey of pain and death. Savagely transformed by atomic fallout, what remains of humanity endures an internecine war against those who thrive on chaos and bloodshed. A legend in a violent land, Ryan Cawdor lives and fights by his own rules as he and his companions traverse the grim world of Deathlands. For as long as the future remains out of reach, survival means living long enough to face a new day.


Hearing a rumor that the Trader, his old teacher and friend, is still alive, Ryan and his warrior group struggle across the treacherous Texas desert to find the truth. But an enemy with score to settle is in hot pursuit—and so is the elusive Trade. The preDark city of Sonora—preserved for a century in the salt and sand of the nukescape—becomes the staging ground for a showdown between mortal enemies, where the scales of revenge and death will be balanced with brutal finality.

In the Deathlands, the only law is lawlessness.


"Dark night, there's a land tank over there!"

"Alone?" Ryan demanded pointedly.

"No, wait, there's two of 'em! Big as anything I've ever seen. Some smaller wags, too. Couldn't get a good look."

"Is the war wag an APC?" Krysty asked, squinting to try to see past the conflagration.

"Converted trucks," J.B. said, lowering the longeyes. "Machine gun blasters, rocket pods on the roof, and what sure as shit looks like a radar dish."

"Just sitting there, or is it turning?" Ryan asked.

"Turning steadily."

"That means it's probably working," Ryan muttered, a hard smile crossing his face. "That's gotta be Trader."

"Indeed, logic dictates it to be so," Doc rumbled, and then added, "How can we assist him in this internecine battle?"

"Their fight is about as civil as a jihad, ya old coot," Mildred shot back. "This unknown Trader may be somebody we can trust, or not. But we know for a fact that Gaza is a mad dog and the sooner he's wearing grass for a hat the better."




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