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Cannibal Moon

Written By:James Axler - 2007

  • Cannibal Moon - James Axler cover


Survive of perish in the dark heart of tomorrow


In the hostile new world of postnuclear America, there are many ways to die, but few are clean or quick. Long ago Ryan Cawdor and his band threw in their lot together—to do or die trying. It was a pact sealed in blood, one of selflessness and sacrific that put a premium on the value of loyalty, friendship and honor—and the blind faith that survival is a better option than certain death.


Compassion is a luxury in a brutal land where life is cheap, but Dr. Mildred Wyeth holds fast to her physician's oath to show mercy. Now she's stricken by a plague that brings on a deep craving for human flesh. Unwilling to lose one of their own to this pervasive pestilence without a fight, the companions follow the trail to Cajun country, where the mysterious queen of the Cannies is rumored to possess the only antidote to the grim fate that awaits Mildred... and perhaps her warrior friends.


The wounded man staggered forward, then fell Cheetah Luis knelt over the fallen fighter: "What happened to the others?" he demanded.

"Cannies took them all. The living and the dead. Dragged off into the swamp..."

"Did you see the live prisoners? Did you see them get taken away?" Ryan asked.

The dying man nodded, but as he did so, his eyes fluttered shut and his chest stopped heaving. Ryan leaned down and grabbed the man's chin. When he squeezed hard, the fighter opened his eyes wide.

"Did you see a black woman and a pale-skinned man? Were they taken prisoner?"

"Cannies took them both. Man's in bad shape."




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