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Chill Factor

Written By:James Axler - 1992

  • Chill Factor - James Axler cover


Raw determination in a treacherous new world


America's legacy of annihilation continues for Ryan Cawdor and his band of post-apocalypse survivors on a quest to find a peaceful new life. Trekking through the ruins of a devastated America, they search for secrets of the past that might promise a future. This is the odyssey called Deathlands.

Ryan travels to the snowy wastes north of the forty-ninith parallel to rescue his young son, enslaved in a mining colony. In this forbidding landscape, one of Ryan's oldest enemies lies in wait, orchestrating a deadly finale to their private war.

In the biting cold, Ryan must battle a legion of hunter androids designed to track and kill any intruders with ruthless ingenuity. But for Ryan Cawdor, the need to save his son is greater than any threat the one-eyed warrior may encounter.

Welcome to the Deathlands, where you don't have to die to go to hell.


The cliff face bulged out, releasing a wave of pent-up slurry that knocked Ryan off his feet

His mouth filled with the stinking ooze, and he fought for his life, struggling in blind desperation to get back onto his feet.

The initial tide eased, and he managed to claw himself upright, fumbling for his shovel. He wiped his eye clear of the mud and looked around frantically for Dean. But the boy had vanished under the wall of earth, mud and water.

"Get help, Kate! Call the sec men. Need shovels here, now!"

The noise of feet rattled on the ladder, and someone bellowed orders, shouting for everyone to get out before the whole place caved in.

"There's folks trapped!" Ryan called, his digging fingers suddenly touching something soft and yielding, flesh within cloth. The one-eyed man scrabbled in the yellow muck, heaving out a limp little body.

"Leave him be," the sec man ordered. "We'll get him up top."

"I'll carry him," Ryan insisted, not even looking at the guard.

Ryan didn't see the rifle butt as it went crashing into the side of his skull. He recovered and reached for the sec man, his fingers clawing for the pale, staring face. But the M-16 swung down a second time, and he toppled into a dark chasm of unconsciousness.




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