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Circle Thrice

Written By:James Axler - 1996

  • Circle Thrice - James Axler cover


Adventure and suspense in the midst of the new reality


The dark frontier of the twenty-second century is lawless and opressive, but humanity is slowly beginning to carve out new beginnings in the midst of this brutal, nuke-altered world. In pockets of civilization called villes, peace and hope start to flourish. But law and order invite what's evil and corrupt...


Ryan Cawdor and his band of warrior survivalists are guests of a powerful Tenessee baroness and her mysterious advisor at her ville on what was once the mighty Mississippi. Beautiful and alluring, the baroness is skilled in the dark arts, and she will do anything to secure her future.

In the Deathlands, when hope is not enough, the laws of survival are called into play.


Krysty tugged gently

The bell tolled immediately, its booming note echoing across the morning's stillness.

"Leave it," Ryan snapped. "Want to rouse the whole bastard country against us?"

He noticed something lying on top of the altar. It was a multithonged whip, with tiny metal barbs knotted into each lash. All of them were stiff and stained black with what looked like old, dried blood. A sense of threatening danger became much stronger.

"Come on," he called. "Something's not right about this place. It's not a proper church. Let's get out before someone comes and brings trouble."

Neither of them heard the door whisper open, but they both recognized the audible click of the twin hammers being drawn back on a scattergun.

"Welcome, pilgrims," said a rich, jolly voice.




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