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Crater Lake

Written By:James Axler - 1987

  • Crater Lake - James Axler cover


A struggle for survival in a land of death


Near what was once the Pacific northwest, Ryan Cawdor and his roving band of post-holocaust survivors discover a beautiful valley untouched by the nuclear blast that changed the earth forever.

Resisting the temptation to settle in that idyllic land, the group is captured and forced deep beneath an extinct volcano to an isolated community of in-bred scientists.

These psychopathic descendants of a twentieth-century government research team are blindy laboring to find better ways of genocide, unaware that the world they are striving to slaughter has already died.

In a frantic race to stop this bizarre society from testing its horrific weapons, Ryan realizes that if he fails an already nuke-scorched Earth faces another Armageddon.

In the Deathlands the past and the future are clashing with frightening force.


It was unlike anyplace they had ever known

Krysty lay on her back, staring around her, relaxing on a soft couch of deep green moss. "What you said, Doc, about how it used to be... was it really like this?"

"Oh, indeed. I swear it was like this. Of course there were cities. Great wens that soured the land and skies, blighting the environment. But there were billions of acres of unspoiled wilderness."

They were silent for a moment, each locked into his or her own thoughts. Ryan felt Krysty's hand on his. "Why keep on moving, lover? Why not stop here?"

Ryan breathed in, trying to find the words that would be an answer. "I guess... I don't know."

"There's valleys around here. We could build us a home."

"Us? Who's that, Krysty?"

"You. Me. All of us. We got the skills. Mebbe we could try and farm some of this green land. Raise a family."

Ryan remained silent for a long time. Then he spoke. "One day, Krysty."

"One day, lover?"

"Yeah. One day."

But not yet.




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