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Written By:James Axler - 1996

  • Crossways - James Axler cover


When all is lost there is always the future


As the twenty-second century emerges from the blight of nuclear damnation, humanity is slowly coming to terms with the bizarre new world of Deathlands, where each new generation holds the promise of renewal and redemption—in men like Ryan Cawdor and his son, Dean.


Ryan Cawdor and companions emerge from a gateway into the ravaged world of the Rockies. It's old hunting grounds for Ryan and the Titan-haired Krysty Worth—her home, and the place where they first come together. Here Ryan has an unsettling choice to make, and Krysty a debt to pay. But her Mother Sonja may be long gone, and the past becomes a trap as they press toward Harmony, a marauding gang hard on their trail.

Hope died in the Deathlands, but the will to live goes on.


"Going over, Dad!" Dean yelled

Ryan realized that the boy was right. The mules were off and running, but the reins had snagged, dragging them inexorably toward the drop on the right.

They were within fifteen feet of the last mounted bandit, who was swearing at his mare, urging her out of the way of the charging mules. Ryan balanced himself against the rocking of the rig, firing once, seeing the man go down with blood blossoming on his chest, his arms flung wide.

"Dad! Foot's caught!"

Then the rig began to tilt, seeming to hang sickeningly on the edge of the sighing space for an eternity before the terrified team pulled it right off the trail.




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