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Dark Reckoning

Written By:James Axler - 2000

  • Dark Reckoning - James Axler cover



Secrets of the preDark era haunt Deathlands and so do visions of a better life in this post-apocalyptic world. Ryan Cawdor and his wayfarer companions roam the Deathlands, driven to survive and lured by rumors of lost technology—the key to renewed hope and prosperity. Yet others have visions, too. Those whose genius has been twisted into quests for power and ultimate domination—mankind's blight since the dawn of humanity.


A new center of power has emerged in post-holocaust America. A secret community of scientists has control of an orbiting transformer that in a single step could return electricity to America—or become the ultimate weapon of terror. But there are those equally dedicated to halting the evil mastermind before he can incinerate Front Royal. And they've turned to Ryan Cawdor to save them from a fate worse than Deathlands.

In the Deathlands, power is the ultimate weapon.


Incoming rounds drilled into the equipment around them

Ryan returned fire, while J.B. frantically threw supplies into the chamber. Grabbing a sack of grens, the one-eyed warrior held one out to J.B. so the Armorer could see that the safety pin was firmly in place.

J.B. nodded, and they began to throw the deadly bombs wildly into the warehouse.

Shouting warnings, Sheffield and his sec men scrambled to reach the exit. Tossing the half-filled bag into the chamber, Ryan led the way into the gateway, then closed the door.

With pounding heart, the two men waited for the swirling mists to engulf them, or for the chamber door to swing open again and for them to be brutally cut down by a hail of bullets from the hated blues...




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