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Dectra Chain

Written By:James Axler - 1988

  • Dectra Chain - James Axler cover


Adventure and suspense in a treacherous new world


The world blew out in 2001. Vast areas of what was the United States lie beneath an unbrella of noxious dust and radioactive debris, a mantle of destruction drawn over a land of doom. Much of the East Coast has been oliterated; the Southwest is a land of fire; cities of smoldering ash have give birth to horrifically mutated life forms. Such is the Deathlands, legacy of global annihiliation.

But there were survivors, struggling to overcome a dark new age of plague, radiation sickness, barbarism and madness. Out of the ruins come Ryan Cawdor and his band of post-holocaust survivors, whose odyssey discovery takes them in search of other pockets of civilization.

Emerging from a gateway in Maine, Ryan confronts a ruthless and brutal sea captain, a woman prepared to go to any lengths to get what she wants...


The wind had become a full-blown gale, howling like a cemetery banshee

Ryan paused, blinking the ocean spray out of his eye, and stared upward. He could see only a few feet ahead, but he made out the sharp edge of conrete only a half-dozen rungs above his head.

Drained by the struggle of leading the others into unknowable blackness, Ryan finally heaved himself over the rim and collapsed on hands and knees onto smooth stone. Krysty joined him a moment later, her breath surging harshly.

"I've done easier things, lover," she panted. "Hope the others can make it."

"Only one way. Can't go down," he replied, feeling the strength already seeping back into his body.

Ryan moved to explore the rear of the platform and found a small iron door covered with lichen. He paused, and the door swung easily open. His eye winched at the brightness of light, startling after the long blackness.

But he could see enough to make out a slackly grinning mouth and shadowed eyes... and the twin barrels of a sawed-off shotgun.




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