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Desolation Crossing

Written By:James Axler - 2009

  • Desolation Crossing - James Axler cover


Survive or perish in a world gone hideously wrong...


Survival is a dangerous enterprise in the aftermath of a nuked America. Humanity perseveres, but the Deathlands code is far simpler: kill or be killed, live or die trying. Driven by the fires of hope, a resilient band of warriors traverse the new frontier of the future, survivors by skill and legends by reputation.


The legend of the trader returns in the simmering dust bowl of the Badlands, the past calling out to armorer J.B. Dix. Her name is Eula. Young, silent and lethal, she's part of a new trading convoy quick to invite Ryan Cawdor and his band on a journey across the hostile terrain. But high-tech hardware, fast wags, flowing jack and friendly words don't tell the real story behind a vendetta that is years in the making.

In the Deathlands, the past is always present... especially when it comes to vengeance.


One shell hit a gren

Without warning, the wag exploded with a sudden violence that took the Armorer by surprise.

And then it was over, almost anticlimactic. The convoy rolled on.

The Armorer looked at Eula, who regarded him impassively, as though the events of the firefight hadn't occurred, as though she were examining him in minute detail, trying to get inside his head, unconcerned by what had just happened.

J.B.'s sense of unease welled up with renewed vigor. There was something odd about the whole situation, something that could spell danger not just for him, but for all the companions.

Something for which only he could find the answer—if he could figure out what the question was...




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