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Destiny's Truth

Written By:James Axler - 2002

  • Destiny's Truth - James Axler cover


In the new reality the past remains one step ahead of the future...


America has been forever altered by the ravages of a nuclear attack that sent it spiraling toward a virulent new destiny—and be the vestiges of the pre-dark world itself, where humanity's internecine battle between good and evil rages on. Though many of twenty-first-century America's darkest legacies have been entombed beneath the ruins of a wounded planet, some remain dangerously alive...


Emerging from a gateway in New England, Ryan Cawdor and his band of wayfaring survivalists ally themselves with a group of women warriors who join their quest to locate the Illuminated Ones, a mysterious pre-dark sect who may possess secret knowledge of Deathlands. Yet their pursuit becomes treacherous, for their quarry has unleashed a deadly plague in a twisted plot to cleanse the earth. As Ryan's group falls victim, time is running out—for the intrepid survivors... and for humanity itself.

In the Deathlands, when tomorrow comes some will wish it hadn't.


Ryan leaped from his seat, fighting the jolt caused by the wag's halted momentum

He threw himself backward, barely keeping his balance as he reached the tail end of the wag. The sec door crushed the roof of the wag at the front, driving metal down onto the seat where he had sat a few moments before.

Ryan jumped from the wag and ran for cover, joining Krysty, Tammy and Mildred.

"Glad you could drop in, lover," Krysty said dryly.

"Just had a few things to do," he replied laconically.

He saw that the crushed wag—driven down with such force that the rear wheels had left the ground—held the sec door open for a gap of three or four feet. There was little indication of whether or not the Illuminated sec beyond were still in cover, or whether they had retreated.

Looking back, he could see through the open outer door, into the dawn light beyond.

The larger war party was advancing.




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