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Devil Riders

Written By:James Axler - 2003

  • Devil Riders - James Axler cover


Judgment day has come and gone. Now, only the strongest survive.


A century after the nuclear conflagration almost destroyed the world, humanity endures in a lawless land. Those who inhabit Deathlands are either killers or those who would be killed. But an elite few defy the law of this new natural selection—playing both sides of the eternal game of life and death. Ryan Cawdor and his band of warrior survivalists never leave a friend behind... or a coldheart alive.


Stranded in the salty desert wastes of West Texas, Ryan and his companions find pre-Dark wheels and set out on a treacherous journey across inhospitable terrain. Hopes for a hot meal and clean bed in an isolated ville die fast when the companions run into a despotic baron manipulating the lifeblood of the desert: water. But it's his fortress stockpiled with enough armaments to wage war in the dunes that interests Ryan, especially when he learns the enemy may be none other than the greatest—and long dead—Deathlands legend: the Trader.

In the Deathlands the future is here, but the past is never far behind.


"Describe him," Ryan demanded

The one-eyed man's heart was pounding in his chest. It was impossible. This could not be happening.

The brothers exchanged a glance. "The Trader? Hell, I dunno," Sparrow said. "Never saw the guy. He was always inside a big-ass tank, stays behind a blister of the mil glass."

"How many wags?" J.B. pressed him. "Describe them!"

Sparrow scrunched his face. "Well, there were three, one big wag and two others, each plated with metal and covered with blasters. Big stuff. Baron Gaza was scared to death of the guy. Hell, who wouldn't be with all his weapons?"

"More," Ryan said through clenched teeth.

Fumbling for a reply, Jed scratched his head. "Well, I heard Kate call the big truck War Wag One. That help any?"

The universe seemed to go still at those simple words, as if it were breaking apart and rejoining in a new pattern, reorganizing itself on a most basic of levels.

"He made it," Ryan said quietly. "Trader's alive!"




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