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Freedom Lost

Written By:James Axler - 1998

  • Freedom Lost - James Axler cover


A fight for tomorrow in the midst of the new reality


Deathlands is a raw wound on the body of America that's scavenged by desperate survivors. Life is a bitter struggle in this lawless postholocaust world, and here Ryan Cawdor and his warrior survivalists face the ultimate challenge—to preserve their lives yet hold on to their humanity.


Following up rumors of trouble on his old home ground, Ryan Cawdor and his band seek shelter inside the walls of what was once the largest shopping mall in the Carolinas. The baron of the concrete fortress gives them no choice but to join his sec teams. As outside invaders step up their raids on the mall. Ryan has to battle both sides for a chance to save their lives.

For all its evils, Deathlands is the future's last and only hope.


"I've got a mental picture of the roof, lover, and it's red."

"What's she talking about, Cawdor?" the sec leader demanded angrily.

"Krysty can 'see' things, Rollins. I'd say it's about to hit the fan."

"Shut her up. We don't have time for crazy mutie talk."

The small radio on Rollin's gun belt squawked, the shrill tone adding to the mounting tension between the two men. He snatched up the comm unit and thumbed the send button. "What?"

"This is Jameson, sir, from the west wing."

"I've got problems of my own, Jameson. Make it quick."

"The stickies, sir. The bastards are coming at us from all sides. One dropped a load of napalm onto the roof. We're boxed in. What are we going to do?"

All eyes turned toward the red flames, shooting into the sky.




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