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Gaia's Demise

Written By:James Axler - 1999

  • Gaia's Demise - James Axler cover



Two centuries after the nukecaust, consolidation of power is the goal for those who would rule the slowly emerging new America. Ryan Cawdor has spent his lifetime roaming the Deathlands, seeking out the secrets of pre-dark technology. But so have others who are now the future's greatest threat. For a sinister cadre has dared to seize power... and damn Deathlands to a new kind of hell.


Ryan's quest to destroy a secret plot to unite the East Coast Baronies under one totalitarian rule brings his intrepid band of survivors to Tenessee. The conspiracy thread leads back to the specter of the Antnill and a super weapon from pre-dark days. As radio waves manipulating the enviroment and the human brain doom psi-sensitive Krysty, Ryan challenges baron Silas Jamaisvous to a daring showdown for America's survival.

In the Deathlands, power is the ultimate weapon...


Ryan glanced in the rearview mirror

"We're not going to get away," he shouted grimly.

"We have to," Mildred answered, then shrugged and dropped her heavy med kit. "Heave the supplies! Lose everything!"

Stunned for a moment by the incredible act, Ryan resolutely reached behind for his backpack. Mildred knew her stuff, and whatever it was that was after them, he didn't want it to reach them for the sake of a few pounds.

With the motocycles moving at top speed, the companions raced through the forest in a nightmare of dodging trees and crashing through bushes.

Unstoppable, the death wave from the Kite swept onward, getting closer and closer with each passing moment...




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