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Gemini Rising

Written By:James Axler - 1999

  • Gemini Rising - James Axler cover


Night Watch

After two centuries of nuclear blight, a new America is emerging, forged by those seeking peace and hope for the future. Pocket communities, ruled by local barons, have become the new centers of civilization... and power. But while many desire prosperity, other embrace ideas of ultimate domination.

Thicker Blood

The son of a powerful baron, Ryan Cawdor has chosen his own path through the Deathlands. Now rumors of trouble bring him home to West Virginia, where he'd left his nephew Nathan at the head of the barony. But a welcoming committee is waiting for him with a band of sec men, and a usurper of the Cawdor name. Unable to help a mysteriously ailing Krysty Wroth, Ryan challenges two of his oldest enemies in their grim gambit to control the East Coast baronies.

In the Deathlands, power is the ultimate weapons...


The satellite dish shook under the steady barrage of rounds

Staying low, Ryan knew that attacking meant certain death. Pawing through the bloody clothes of the corpses piled under the dish, the one-eyed man found the wrong end of an AK-47, a bent knife and a single gren.

Bullets zipped through the trees on either side, the cross fire closing in like the mandibles of an army of killer ants. Ryan tried to guage the distance to the fuel dump. The resulting blast would obliterate the whole outpost, chilling him as well as the blue shirts. But if Ryan Cawdor was going to die, then he would take Overton and his troops along for the ride.

Ryan pulled the pin and prepared to charge.




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