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Ground Zero

Written By:James Axler - 1995

  • Ground Zero - James Axler cover


Blazing a perilous trail through the heart of darkness


Deathlands is desolate and mute testimony to the aftermath of the nuclear blasts that laid waste the earth. Wayfarers in their blighted world Ryan Cawdor and his band of warrior survivalists search for a better future in the devastated ruins of a once-proud land. The radiation-poisoned hellhole is their home, and they are determined to defend it from the predatory foreigners emerging from a gateway.

And where its proud heart, the city of Washington, had stood, Ryan Cawdor faces double jeopardy posed by a barbaric baron, and the indifferent wrath of nature.

In the Deathlands, everyone and everything is fair game, but only the strongest survive.


The air was filled with a deafening roar

The fight had suddenly taken the back burner to the force of nature that was bearing down on them. Scything along the wide avenue, keeping to its center, was a tornado.

"Get under cover!" Ryan roared. But the heart of the storm was nearly on top of them, less than a hundred yards and closing like a runaway wag. Ryan could do nothing for the others—he had less than a half-dozen heartbeats to save himself.

He sprinted for the half-open door of a nearby three-story building, holstering his blaster on the run, shouldering through the door and crashing inside. His feet were running on nothing, and he had only a nanosecond to realize that someone had taken out the entire first floor for firewood, and that he was falling into the basement.

He slid inaudibly into deep mud, the consistency of molasses, cold and clinging ooze, Ryan heard the pounding thunder of the tornado, raging right on top of him.

Then came darkness and silence.




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