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Judas Strike

Written By:James Axler - 2001

  • Judas Strike - James Axler cover


The road to Hell just got worse...


A nuclear endgame played out among the superpowers created a fiery cataclysm that turned America into a treacherous new frontier. But an intrepid group of warrior survivalists roams the wastelands, unlocking the secrets of pre-dark world. Ryan Cawdor and his band have become living legends in a world of madness and death where savagery reigns, but the human spirit endures...


The South Pacific is a rad-blasted paradise, inhabited by giant mutated crustaceans and savage cannibals. The local baron rules the Marshall Islands with a despotic iron fist and a secret formula for making Deathland's gold: gunpower. But his true invincibility lies in his possession of stockpiles of pre-dark rapid-rife missiles and a fleet of functional PT boats. Ryan Cawdor and his companions have faced off against the baron and survived. But this time there's only one way out of these death seas—through the sec-men-infested waters of the baron's kingdom.

Imagine your worst nightmare. This is Deathlands.


Krysty's voice cried out, her blaster blazing steadily

More voices rang out, the smoke and the steel walls distorting their origins. The LeMat discharged fix, six, seven times in a row, the last answered by an anguished scream. Slapping in a fresh clip, Ryan grunted his approval.

Suddenly he heard to sound of splintering wood, followed by the sound of two blasters firing together. Pocketing the gren, Ryan headed for the baron's home. As he jogged past a well, a spear stabbed out of the swirling fumes, the shaft coming so close it passed through his hair, ripping some out by the roots. Ignoring the pain, Ryan spun and fired from the hip. There was a meaty thump of a slug striking flesh, but no cry of pain.

A flintlock discharged, a revolver answered; then there was silence. Barely breathing, Ryan stood stock-still, straining to hear anything. But the eerie silence continued, seeming thicker than the clouds of gray smoke.




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