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Keepers of the Sun

Written By:James Axler - 1996

  • Keepers of the Sun - James Axler cover


In the Deathlands, past and future clash with frightening force


The nuclear storm that swept the globe has left behind the Deathlands, a legacy of hate and violence. Pockets of survivors live off the ravaged land or on stockpiles found in redoubts. But from out of these ashes, a fearless man spearheads the drive to pierce the heart of darkness...


The gateways are secret installations from predark days used by Ryan Cawdor and his group as escape routes. Once again the warrior survivalists emerge from a jump and into a world—an empire fallen—ruled by the samurai code. And here Ryan has to face a new threat that could destroy the only home they know.

A new dark age has dawned with the hope of a promised land. But in the Deathlands, hope is not enough.


The bolt slid home and the lock clicked into action

The shogun looked around the room. "We have been locked in," he said quietly.

Other than the main door and the high windows, the only way in or out of the ballroom would be through the rectangular air vents in the ceiling. But they weren't big enough for access.

One of the sec men in the far corner of the huge room, directly below an air vent, suddenly began to cough. Ryan spun, seeing that two more soldiers had been stricken with coughing fits. He looked up at the air vents, a sudden dreadful suspicion filled his mind.

It was Mashashige who voiced the danger. "It is an attack with gas," he said with an almost insane calm.

"The rodin have trapped us like foxes in their den and will kill us with poison gas."




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