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Written By:James Axler - 2006

  • Labyrinth - James Axler cover


In a ruined world, the past and the future clash with frightening force...


It took only minutes for human history to derail in a mushroom cloud—now more than a century later, whatever destiny lies ahead for humanity is bound by the rules that have governed survival since the dawn of time: part luck, part skill and part hard experience. For Ryan Cawdor and his band, survival in Deathlands means keeping hold of what you have—or losing it along with your life.


In the ancient canyons of New Mexico, the citizens of Little Pueblo prepare to sacrifice Ryan and his companions to demons locked inside a twentieth-century dam project. But in a world where nuke-spawned predators feed upon weak and strong alike, Ryan knows avenging eternal spirits aren't part of the game. Especially when these freaks spit yellow acid—and their creators are the whitecoat masterminds of genetic recombination, destroyed by their mutant offspring born of sin and science gone horribly wrong...

In the Deathlands, some await a better tomorrow, but others hope it never comes...


Ryan raced up to the floor-to-ceiling barrier

The gate was made of heavy steel, ribbed vertically and horizontally for strength, and was nearly watertight. Its hinges were on the other side, inaccessible. The gate was jammed closed. He tried kicking out one of the unreinforced panels, hoping it had rusted through.

It hadn't.

"Fire blast!" he muttered, giving the gate another kick for good measure.

From the channel behind him came the sound of a terrible collision and a sequeal of bending metal. There was a pause, then it sounded again. Collision. Squeal.

"Ryan!" J.B. shouted, his cry echoing down the channel.

And then the Smith boomed, and kept on booming.




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