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The Mars Arena

Written By:James Axler - 1997

  • The Mars Arena  - James Axler cover


A violent struggle for survival in a post-holocaust world


The nuclear firestorms had swept away the hatreds and the power struggles that had dominated the Earth for decades. But no hoped-for better reality was born in that blighted landscape. In a lawless and maddened world, blood and violence remained a means to survival—and power.


In the harsh territory near what used to be the Western badlands, Ryan Cawdor and his crew join the search for the wreck of a crashed space station. Buit in the ruins of Las Vegas he falls prey to a maelstrom of violence. Hostage in a bitter war between regional barons, Ryan finds that even his best effort is an odds-even gamble, and that his son's life may depend on the whims of destiny.

Deathlands is a conspiracy against survival...


Cold talons pinched his skin

"Dean..." someone said, and he couldn't believe how much it sounded like Krysty.

Something shimmered into being on his right. It was impossibly close, near enough to reach out and touch him. He'd have seen anyone or anything that had come that close to him.

Then he saw the face, made out the features. She was indistinct, as if he were seeing her through a heavy fog.

"Krysty?" Dead said. not believing it.

"Your father is coming for you. Look for him." The words sounded as if they were coming from a long distance, then she was gone.

Before the boy could puzzle over her appearance and what it meant, the door burst open. Framed in it was a nightmare figure Dean remembered well: a giant mutie pig, its beady, merciless eyes nearly buried in wrinkles of scarred gristle.

Before he could draw the Browning, the beast started for him, squealing shrilly in anticipation of an easy kill.




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