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Moon Fate

Written By:James Axler - 1992

  • Moon Fate - James Axler cover


Raw determination in a savage land


Generations have passed since a nuclear blast all but turned America to dust. Out of the ruins emerges a band of warrior survivalists, led by a one-eyed man called Ryan Cawdor. In their quest to find a better life, they embark on a perilous odyssey across the ravaged wasteland known as Deathlands.

An ambush by a roving group of mutant Stickies puts Ryan and Krysty Wroth in the clutches of a tyrant who plans a human scarifice as a symbol of his power. The execution is set to take place at the new moon—one night away. Ryan devises an escape plan but is betrayed by another prisoner. As they break for freedom, the Stickie leader unleashes a team of hunter trackers among the maze of narrow canyons of the Southwest. For Ryan and Krysty, there's nowhere left to run...

In the Deathlands, the only thing that gets easier is dying.


"You chilled meat," the stickie threatened

"Mebbe," Ryan replied, shuffling his boots in the soft earth to try to establish a good footing.

The creature's musket was swirling around in a maniac circle, hissing like a runaway windmill. The mutie had the advantage of higher ground, and Ryan realized that this wasn't going to be the slick and easy execution that he wanted.

"Yesss!" The muties hissed out the warning as it suddenly charged its enemy.

The stickie's speen was alarming, and it was all that Ryan could do to get the panga up to parry the blow.

The case-hardened steel rang out against the chipped wooden stock of the Kentucky musket. Ryan's arm was jarred clear to the shoulder by the force of the impact. The butt split lengthwise, exploding into white splinters.

The power of the crushing attack sent the man off balance. The mutie dropped its broken gun and lunged for him, its suckered hands grabbing at his arm and neck.

Instantly there was pain. A ripping sound flooded Ryan's ears, coinciding with a burning sensation in his left wrist.

The one-eyed warrior's skin was being shredded by the stickie's fingers.




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