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Neutron Solstice

Written By:James Axler - 1987

  • Neutron Solstice - James Axler cover


Adventure and suspense in the midst of the new reality


A generation after a global nuclear war, Louisiana is a fetid, sullen landscape of impenetrable swamps and grotesquely mutated wildlife. Above the gnarled bayous, radioactive red dust clouds race across the sky on nuclear winds; below, thick mud sucks at a man's boots. Now and then a biting acid rain falls, swept in on the boiling winds from the Gulf.

In the reeking swampland that was the Mississippi basin, neutrom bombs have left barren cityscapes the territories of small groups of bitterly opposed survivors. Ryan Cawdor and his companions Krysty Wroth and J.B. Dix come upon one such group who are striving to revive life on earth the way it was before the bombs fell. But they're up against a postholocaust feudal lord who's just as determined to wipe them out.

In the Deathlands, the world blew out in 2001. The future is emerging.


Ryan Cawdor never heard the swampies

One moment he was up and walking; the next he was rolling over on hands and knees, the G-12 pulled from his grip, someone's arm around his throat, another attacker hanging on his waist, kicking at his legs. A stench of gasoline and sweat assaulted his nostrils as he grappled with the oily bodies.

There were three of them: two men and a woman. Muties, like the ones they'd seen on the day they arrived in Louisiana. All were about five feet tall, stumpy, squat and muscular, in torn pants and shirts, their feet in flapping sandals of hacked rubber. All three noisily through open mouths.

Suddenly the woman raised a small crossbow, aiming it jerkily at Ryan's belly.

The thought darted through his mind that this was a squalid and foolish way to die.




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