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Nightmare Passage

Written By:James Axler - 1998

  • Nightmare Passage - James Axler cover


Raw determination in a dark new age


Life is precarious in postapocalyptic America, threatened by the toxic enviroment and the return to savagery. Born into this bleak reality, Ryan Cawdor roams the hell trails of Deathlands with his band of warrior survivalists. All they know is to endure—and seize whatever chance they get for a better tomorrow.


In the sands of California's Guadalupe Desert, Ryan and companions fear they have crossed time lines when they stumble upon a settlement straight out of fabled Eygpt. What they find is a rebellion against an aspiring god-king who wants to enslave them. To overcome an enemy with unusual powers, Ryan must bide his time though his every instinct is to strike out in rage.

In the Deathlands, no one has met the ultimate foe...


"Come and die," Ryan invited, beckoning to the Incarnate

J.B.'s Uzi suddenly stopped chattering, and Mildred shouted out wordlessly in anger and fear. Ryan spun on his heel in the direction of the chariot, then he was flat on his face on the ground.

His arms and legs were covered with half-frozen mud, and his thoughts stumbled and staggered, finally careening over to the brief, almost subliminal image of a nimbus of energy jumping from metal prongs.

A mahogany giant towered over him, a conical jeweled headpiece bisecting the sun and adding another six inches to his height. He wore a magnificent gem-encrusted leather harness over his muscled torso, and sunlight gleamed from the golden threads in the white fabric of his kilt.

"So," he said in a deep melodic voice, "I didn't frighten you away after all. Perhaps I'll have to try harder next time."

Then, smiling, the bronzed god kicked Ryan in the side of the head, kicked him down into a dark, spiraling hole.




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