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Remember Tomorrow

Written By:James Axler - 2007

  • Remember Tomorrow - James Axler cover


Between a lost past and uncertain future stands a hostile new frontier


After twenty-first-century America exploded in the chaso of a nuclear nightmare, a raw new landscape emerged, a world where death and dreams clash. Still, the best of the human spirit endures: the hope, the will to survive. But so does the worst: the greed, tyranny, the easy death. In his enduring odyssey across the hostile world called Deathlands, Ryan Cawdor is a warrior no enemy wants to cross.


An earthquake in the Arkansas dust bowls leaves the companions for dead, until they are all reunited except for armorer J.B. Dix. Alive, though with no memory of the past, he is in the uncertain employ of the ironfisted ruler of a vital outpost along the routes that traverse the wastelands. Duma is the biggest, most dangerous ville in all of Deathlands, where jolt, jack, booze and sex are worth more than human life. Stalking Duma and preparing to attack this orgy of firepower is a crazed band of inbred worshippers of Nagasaki... and their unwilling new sec force led by Ryan Cawdor.

In the Deathlands, the last shot fired is the law.


Jak felt the earth ripple beneath him


"I feel it," the one-eyed man gritted, helping Mildred through the gap. "It's about to go!"

"John's hurt and he's still back there," the woman cried.

Suddenly it was as if someone had jerked the cave to one side. The rock around them pulsed and moved as if it were living matter. The dirt floor rose as they were flung down. The wave surge had them, the friends not knowing if they were carried foward or backward, up or down.

The pain and the force of crashing against rocks was overwhelming. Each person suffered alone, no longer knowing where the others were.

And then total darkness engulfed them as the force of the wave was too much to take.

A black curtain dropped—oblivion.




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