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Ritual Chill

Written By:James Axler - 2005

  • Ritual Chill - James Axler cover


Cursed in fathomless way, the future awaits...


Time, and the fallout of a nuclear holocaust, have ravaged 21st century America, but one fundamental impulse of human nature remains: the will to survive. And only the strongest do survive. Men like Ryan Cawdor, whose inner strength and stubborn resolve continue to defy the worst that Deathlands offers. With grim determination, he and his warrior group continue to face the stark and brutal choices of this new world that are often not choices at all, but imperatives. Act first, ask questions later.


A cold sense of deja vu becomes reality as the group emerges from a gateway they'd survived before—a grim graveyard of lost friends and nightmare. The consuming need to escape the dangerous melancholy of the place forces Ryan and company onto the frozen tundra, where an even greater menace awaits. The forbidding land harbors a dying tribe—cursed members of the ancient Inuit, who seize the arrival of Ryan and his band as their last hope to appease angry gods... by offering them up as human sacrifice.

In the Deathlands, the price for survival is the constant fear of death.


Both men felt palpable relief when they reached cover

"Which way?" Ryan snapped as they came to a halt.

Jak paused, his impassive face refusing to betray the intensity of his concentration.

"There... there..." he said simply, indicating the direction.

Ryan knew what the albino teen was thinking: it was an obvious move. These people either credited them with no intelligence or had an innate confidence in the conditions, leaving them with little option.

"Let's do it," Ryan stated. "I'll go clockwise, you counter-clockwise. See how many there are, and how they're spread, then meet at the mouth of the passage, fill in the others."

"What if they not want us meet up?" Jak queried.

Ryan grinned. It was cold, without mirth. "They'll want that—right now they're wondering where we are. They'll be so relieved we've turned up and they've got us all in one place that they won't wonder what we've been doing until it's too late..."




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