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Road Wars

Written By:James Axler - 1994

  • Road Wars - James Axler cover


Blazing a perilous trail through the heart of darkness


Emerging out of the ashes of the nuclear apocalypse, no one has been more successful and determined than Ryan Cawdor and his band of warrior survialists. But if the wasteland's endless miles come between them, the odds for getting back together again—for their very survival—are not in their favor.


A cryptic message regarding the long-missing Trader sends Ryan and the Armorer on an odyssey to the Pacific Northwest, away from their base, away from their band of warrior survivalists, away from Krysty Worth. While Ryan battles the blood-hungry predators of the road, back in New Mexico, Krysty Worth and the others fight off attacks against their weakened group in an all-out struggle for survival.

In the Deathlands, fate and chance are clashing with frightening force.


A figure ghosted out of the darkness, directly in front of Doc's crouching figure

The movement was so sudden and so silent that it startled Doc. He nearly squeezed the Le Mat's trigger, but his better judgment asserted itself in the nick of time. Instead he stood and thrust with the rapier, aiming slighty upward, feeling the needle tip slide between the protecting ribs on the left side of the intruder's bosy.

It was a perfect, clean kill. The flagellant dropped to the floor, shrouded in rags.

Doc withdrew the blade, stepping confidently out into the open space between the stalls, aware only of the sudden restlessness of the animals, disturbed by the hot reek of fleshly spilled blood—to find himself confronting a second assailant who stood ten feet in front of him, holding a long-hafted hatchet.

At the frozen moment, Doc remebered on of the Trader's saying that Ryan had often quoted. Pull the trigger too soon and you'll probably be fine. Pull it too late and you'll probably be dead.

But the three and a half pounds of steel, lead and gold remained unfired. "Move and I'll fill you full of holes," Doc warned shakily.

"No, unbeliever," said a cold voice behind him. "You move and I'll fill you full of holes."




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