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Salvation Road

Written By:James Axler - 2002

  • Salvation Road - James Axler cover


Risen from the fire and hurled into the future...


Tortured into existence by a nuclear conflagration, the new frontier of a ravaged America is an ordeal only the most intrepid can endure. Pockets of civilization have emerged, some born of will and hope, while others are breeding grounds for tyranny and madness. Ryan Cawdor and his warrior companions have survived all this and worse. A roving band of survivalists driven to seek a better life, they are unwilling to pay the highest price demanded by the unforgiving crucible called Deathlands.


Beneath the brutal sun of the nuke-ravaged Southwest, the Texas desert burns red hot and merciless, commanding agony and untold riches to those greedy and mad enough to mine the slick black crude that lies beneath the scorched earth. When a Gateway jump puts Ryan and the others deep in the hell of Texas, they face a no-win situation: fry in the heat, or become a rogue baron's sec force for an oil refinery targeted by saboteurs. The task: catch the raiders and win their freedom. Or fail... and face death.

In the Deathlands, the unimaginable is a way of life.


Ryan managed to stagger to his feet

"Leave him," Crow said softly. "He has every right to be angry. But he's no danger to us now."

The words became strung out and distorted as the drug took effect. Ryan swayed on his feet, trying to reach for his SIG-Sauer, but every movement seemed to take an eternity, and his numbed hand failed to respond. He could see J.B. fumble with his Uzi, falling forward to the ground before the blaster was fully in his hands.

The world narrowed and darkened around Ryan. The one thought that cut through his befuddled mind was why hadn't they been chilled then and there?




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