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Shadow Fortress

Written By:James Axler - 2001

  • Shadow Fortress - James Axler cover


When all is lost, there's always the future...


A planet ravaged by the apocalyptic blast of 2001 gave birth to a new world of savagery—and a new breed of hero. In a land where violence rules witj absolute authority, Ryan Cawdor and his wayfarer survivalists roam the strange, nascent twenty-second century, living by their own creed of honor as they continue their search for a sanctuary they can call home.


In what was once the nuclear testing ground of the predark world, the Marshall islands are now the kingdom of the grotesque Lord Baron Kinnison. Here in this world of slavery and brutality the companions have fought a fierce war for survival, on land and sea—yet the crafty baron still conspires to destroy these interlopers. Activating a twentieth-century hot air ballon left untouched by the blast, they escape to the neighboring pirate-ruled Forbidden Island, with the baron's sec men in hot pursuit—and become trapped in a war for total supremacy of this water world.

Not even Deathlands can deny the human will to survive.


"We will not leave those clouds alive." Doc warned

Ryan drew his blaster and started firing, the red-hot rounds easily punching through the tough polyer and deflating the balloons.

"Water!" Krysty called out, pointing ahead.

There was a wide break in the stygian forest, a clam river that tranversed the valley floor. Their target was a slim area of flat mud between the rocks, impossible to hit at their current speed.

"That's our best chance," Ryan shouted, slashing at the side ropes. "Wait for it... Now!" In unison the companions dived from the pallet, and a split second later the Pegasus rammed into the trees and was torn apart by a thousand sharp branches.

Only the babbling of the shallow river disturbed the heavy silence. Then swatches of light bobbed through the darkness, and armed men stepped from the bushes along the riverbank to approach the still figures sprawled in the bloody mud.




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